This Years Edition Of Affiliate Summit Featured A Collection Of Keynotes From Most Influential And Thought-provoking Public Figures In The Field Of Digital Platforms And Marketing.

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As part of a Women's March follow-up project she's writing postcards to her congressional representatives from Tennessee. She's waiting for more direction this is the 56-year-old therapist's first political activity. "Over the past eight years, I've kind of gotten complacent and felt things are in good hands and I can trust officials," she said. "But people like me, your average citizen, have a duty to take action." A progressive group that Emily Barnes helped launch in her quiet suburb in Orange County, California held a post-card writing party Sunday. The group started with six parents professional seo services inlahore meeting in August hoping to increase multicultural education in the local schools. After the election its membership ballooned to more than 220. "Every time we have an event, more and more people show up," Barnes, 41, said. The Ladera Ranch Social Justice Committee doesn't sound like the vanguard of the resistance: It mainly hosts multicultural children's book readings. But it also funnels its members to more political events like the Women's March. Last week, some of its members attended a demonstration at the office of their local Republican congressman, Rep. Darrell Issa.

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Team at ICMediaDirect spoke on the importance of building an unparalleled online brand for businesses and individuals and tackled some of the forward-thinking strategies ICMD utilizes for successful content marketing. Established in 2003, Affiliate Summit Inc. has a proven track record in managing highly Private blog network building service successful marketing projects and delivering numerous insightful events, educational sessions, and tradeshows. With combined experience of more than 30 years in affiliate marketing, founders of the company Shawn Collins and Missy Ward believe in the power of interpersonal networking and information exchange in todays fast-paced digital world. Their landmark events create an invaluable learning and sharing environment for thought leaders, start-ups, merchants, and vendors to discuss new opportunities for effective business development and digital innovations. With an established expertise in providing state-of-the art solutions to customers who aim to showcase their brand online in the best light, ICMediaDirect was delighted to bring first-class advice and tips on effective reputation management to affiliates and merchants at the renowned conference. Experts at ICMediaDirect reinforced confidence in search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and emphasized the need for every brand to regularly put out content and use technological advancement to develop and maintain captivating online presence. This years edition of Affiliate Summit featured a collection of keynotes from most influential and thought-provoking public figures in the field of digital platforms and marketing. Speaker Scott Stratten, a social media and relationship marketing expert, President of Un-Marketing and the author of four best-selling business books, is one of Americas 10 Marketing Gurus, according to Business Review USA. The final and concluding day of Affiliate Summit East 2016 saw an SEO keynote panel, featuring Bruce Clay (President of Bruce Clay, Inc.), Duane Forrester (VP at Bruce Clay, Inc.), and Stephan Spencer (Co-Author of The Art of SEO).

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